Transforming Education with DIRTT

By Katie Ellis

September is here, backpacks are filled to the brim with fresh supplies and most students are back in the classroom. Fluctuations in technology, teaching methods and classroom sizes all indicate that today’s classroom looks much different than those of generations past. Except the physical classroom itself hasn’t changed. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average public school is 44-years-old and hasn’t undergone a major renovation in 12 years. What happens when the physical school building itself no longer supports the way children learn and interact? Many school boards around the country are facing this problem and trying to remedy it with minimal budgets and resources.

With DIRTT modular construction, schools can build a flexible, adaptable interior that caters to the evolving needs of their students and faculty within their existing space. When it comes to educational spaces, DIRTT offers five advantages over traditional construction:

  1. Rapid, Clean Construction: Schools have a very finite window — most often, summer vacation — to complete construction. Since DIRTT components are customized per the building specifications offsite, materials arrive within four weeks of your order being finalized, ready to be installed without the mess of drywall debris.
  2. User-Focused Design: Flexibility and interaction are crucial components of a successful learning space. When building with DIRTT, student and faculty requirements are considered during all stages of the design process. Acoustic management, integrated technology and the incorporation of natural light and writable surfaces are all considered when building your environment.
  3. Durability & Maintenance: All DIRTT materials are tested, inspected and rated for quality assurance so they perform to both your standards and those set by the International Code Council. With access to the wall cavity, maintenance teams can update, repair or replace needed materials without having to tear into drywall. Depending on the scope of the change, your own maintenance team can manage the update. All of this results in less disruptions for your students and staff.
  4. Cost Certainty: We understand that schools have limited budgets and timelines, so additional oversight on budget is crucial. Through the use of ICE, our proprietary interactive design software, we can provide you with the precise cost to build your interior.
  5. Adaptability: DIRTT’s construction approach offers you a permanent solution to ongoing change. As the needs of your students and faculty evolve, our solutions can help you adapt and provide an up-to-date learning environment. DIRTT is also product neutral, which means that you can switch out technologies without replacing your wall system.

Interested in learning more about how DIRTT can transform your educational space? Contact our DIRTT Account Executive Kelsey Venekamp at