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RJE Louisville

RJE saw a lot of wonderful change in 2017, especially in regard to our Kentucky business. The year was filled with moves, construction, new hires and countless trips to the Bluegrass State. Now that we are starting a fresh new year, we are thrilled to unveil the RJE Louisville showroom, which opened in late 2017. Bringing the design vision for this space to fruition took an exceptional amount of hard work, dedication and planning, so we are incredibly excited to share the details with you.

This new space is the first RJE showroom built from the ground up with every facet of our portfolio in mind. From DIRTT’s timber frame solution to the new Rockwell Unscripted collection from Knoll, this showroom truly reflects the very best in workplace solutions.

As most in our industry know, no good space comes to life without a lot of hard work. Our internal design team built the interior to be a fully interactive and dynamic space for both employees and guests.

“Our goal when designing the Louisville showroom was to create a space that showcased the latest in furniture and architectural solutions, while catering specifically toward entertaining, educational activities, customer showroom tours and the needs of our office-bound staff,” said Nancy Wright, RJE account executive and project lead for the Louisville space.

It was also crucial to speak to a variety of tastes within the space as well. The showroom includes both traditional spaces and modern collaboration areas like the one shown below featuring Knoll’s Rockwell Unscripted collection.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Louisville, the new space embodies the traits that have come to represent the standard RJE showroom — high ceilings, exposed brick and a lot of historical charm and character. Ensuring brand continuity between RJE’s enterprise locations was paramount to the design team.

“We wanted our customers who visit other locations to immediately feel at home and recognize the RJE brand when they stepped into the showroom,” said Wright.

Without a doubt, the new Louisville office needed to be a DIRTT-y one as well. When planning the design, DIRTT Project Manager Justin Reboulet designed each space with function in mind.

The team took a thoughtful approach to create intentional design elements that support the work activities of the staff, while still featuring as many varied workplace solutions as possible,” said Reboulet.

Our space is outfitted with the very latest in DIRTT solutions — including a healthcare vignette with a Willowglass feature, cafe and work areas completely outfitted in DIRTT millwork, conference rooms with embedded tech walls and a power & networks wall to show the inner workings of the solution.

The new showroom also includes one of DIRTT’s newest solutions — Timber.

“DIRTT’s timber frame construction was used in the reception area to create an immediate destination for guests upon arrival,” said Reboulet.

Similar to all of our showrooms, the end goal was to create a space that is welcoming, innovative and provides a true experience for our customers. We love the result, and hope you will too!

To schedule a tour of the Louisville showroom, contact our onsite team at 502.566.3000.

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