How a Video Game is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

By Katie Ellis

Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny that video games have grown exponentially in popularity since Pong first came on the scene in 1972. Video games have inspired many technological developments including things like medipacks and heads-up displays that use tech similar to Google Glass, but one that is drastically changing the face of the construction industry is ICE®, DIRTT’s proprietary 3D application that creates interactive interior environments in real time.

ICE’s origin was inspired by “Doom”, a 3D game released in 1993. ICE was the brainchild of Barrie Loberg, who at that time created 3D fly-throughs for a company that built and provided products for control centers. Frustrated by the extensive time it took to create this media (one frame at a time) and inspired by Doom’s technology, he created ICE, the 3D software that became the heart of DIRTT.

Having been built on the same technology platform that makes video games so vividly engaging, ICE creates an interactive experience that uses clear, graphic communication to design, specify, price and eventually manufacturer and deliver DIRTT solutions for any project.

So, instead of taking you through an alien world where you are fighting villains and tallying points, ICE is taking you through your space design — letting you make updates and get instant feedback on what those changes would look like and cost. While your fate (or skill-level) in Doom may never be certain, ICE brings much needed certainty to the construction process by quoting exact costs, cutting down on lead-times and reducing unnecessary product waste. ICE is reshaping the construction conversation and offering solutions that everyone — including gamers — can get behind.

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