Five Ways to Make Your Space More Sustainable

By Katie Weismiller

For some companies, sustainability (i.e. the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance) is a nice add-on. It’s great when it works, but its not the end of the world when it doesn’t. At RJE, we are supported by two incredible partners that prioritize sustainability every day — DIRTT Environmental Solutions and Knoll. Their sustainability efforts set the standard for their respective industries and also set high expectations for us and our clients.

We are constantly working with clients to help them shape a more sustainable space for their employees. If you’re thinking of making your future office, clinic or classroom a little more green, here are five easy ways to pave the path for a more sustainable future.

1. Start from the inside out.

If you have the opportunity to fully rework your space, no solution will make your space more sustainable than DIRTT. Through ICE technology and their offsite manufacturing process, your space will have infinitely less waste than traditional drywall-based construction. Not only is the process clean, but DIRTT’s flexibility will allow you to adapt the interior of your space as your organization grows and changes, resulting in less future waste.

2. Embrace technology to eliminate paper waste.

According to Boston College, the average American uses seven trees and 680 pounds of paper per year. Seven trees! To stop this stat in its tracks, make a commitment to fully embrace technology throughout your entire workplace. A connected space allows for employees to stream or display content  — rather than printing it. Knoll understands the need for moveable technology and offers many solutions like Horsepower and Interpole that allow you to plug in wherever you are.

Knoll mobile horsepower

DIRTT is a technology-driven company, so their embedded tech solutions are developed with ease-of-use in mind and will allow employees to collaborate with technology anywhere throughout the space.

DIRTT embedded tech wall

3. Bring the outdoors in.

There is ample evidence supporting the benefits of having greenery in the workplace, but having a few dying ferns sporadically throughout the office won’t do you much good. Make a statement with your greenery through DIRTT’s Breathe Wall application — a living wall that integrates nature directly in your space. Bonus: Breathe Wall’s are gravity-fed, so you only have to water a single source to maintain it. No green thumbs required.

DIRTT breathe wall

4. Repair before replacing.

It goes without saying that we live in a consumer-driven society and love the allure of shiny, new things. But when it comes to your workplace solutions, you can easily reduce waste by trying to repair before you replace. RJE is committed to supporting our clients throughout the lifetime of their investment and our manufacturer partners offer some of the best warranties in the business — so before you pitch that task chair with a broken caster, give us a call and we will sort you out.

5. Be smart with disposal. 

Whether you are moving into a fresh new space or your current solutions can no longer be repaired, there are many ways that we can sustainably dispose of your furniture, technology and other products. Knoll offers Full Circle, a program developed with ANEW, a non-profit organization dedicated to extending the life cycle of surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), architectural materials, and building assets in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible way. Through this program, we can effectively recycle your furniture and avoid filling landfills with decommissioned product.

Want to learn more about how you can build a sustainable space? Contact us here to get started.