The Hug Hotseat: Sandra Stokley


Welcome to the Hug Hotseat! This month’s Q&A features Sandra Stokley of RJE Lexington.

Sandra Stokley
Sandra and her dog, Theo, celebrating his adoption day.

Name: Sandra Stokley

Title: Account Executive

Location: Lexington, KY

1. In your opinion, what is the best day of the year?

Any day of the year that I wake up healthy, happy and get to enjoy life with friends and family – that’s a great day of the year! The goal is to have 365 each calendar year!

2. What do you love most about living in Lexington?

UK Basketball! Go Big Blue! Lexington is rich in diversity and has countless local restaurants and breweries. You can try something different every night if you want.

3. What are you reading right now?

I’m reading “What Happened” by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

4. If you could give a million dollars to any organization, which would you give it to?

A reputable animal rescue organization. Animal welfare is my passion. We have too many animals that do not have a loving, safe home. If I had a million dollars, I would ensure that as many animals as possible would have a roof over their head, someone to love them and clean food and water.

5. What are you most looking forward to this month?

It’s the start of Q2, so it’s time to shatter sales goals! I’m also looking forward to warm weather and being able to host outdoor events at RJE Lexington.

6. If you could immediately teleport to any place in the world for a two-week vacation, where would you go?

Bora Bora.

7. What gets you excited to come to work at RJE every morning?

I’m excited to know that I work for a company that values me as a team member. Through experience, I know what it feels like to viewed as “just an employee”. I’m so proud that I work for a company that values not only my contributions, but also me as a human being.