Preserving Historical Integrity with DIRTT

By Katie Weismiller

It’s National Historical Preservation Month, and we at RJE are proud that all of our enterprise locations are based in downtown neighborhoods with exceptional historic character. In all of our Midwestern hometowns, you can find stunning historical architecture right next to the clean lines of a high-rise office building. We may be biased, but we think that juxtaposition is what makes downtown environments so special.

Our clients who work in historical buildings sometime struggle with imagining their space for a modern future. However, when paired with a little creativity, our DIRTT interior construction solution can seamlessly integrate modern amenities into any space with special historical quirks. Here’s how:

  • Through DIRTT’s ICE technology, RJE’s Interior Construction Team can account for any unusual elevations or ceiling heights to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. While this level of customization would be fairly pricey with standard construction materials, all of these details are accounted for before your DIRTT solution is even constructed. Because of the unique challenges posed by a historical space, DIRTT’s customization is an easy and efficient way to tackle your project.
  • Utilities can be very difficult to navigate in historical spaces and often run the risk of damaging the character of the building. Our interior construction experts can easily funnel all power and utilities through the DIRTT floor and walls — effectively removing a very complicated hurdle from your project.
  • One of the best ways DIRTT can support the use of historical buildings into the future is through the flexibility of their solution suite. Does your huddle room now require a monitor for video conferencing? DIRTT can easily replace a writable surface tile with a monitor, making it so that nothing has to change with the physical space to support your organization’s changing needs.

See how DIRTT transformed a historical space with Southwestern roots in the video below.

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