The Best of Connext 2018

By Kelsey Venekamp

Hey everyone, Kelsey here! I’m the DIRTT Champion and Account Executive for the Indiana market and I’m excited to share some of my favorite features from DIRTT Connext. Connext runs concurrently with NeoCon and is our opportunity to showcase the latest and greatest in interior construction. Without further ado, read below for my top three takeaways from Connext 2018. And don’t forget – if you want to include DIRTT in your next project, email me here to get started.

Don’t Be Afraid of Ghosts

The word “custom” doesn’t even begin to expand upon what DIRTT is capable of creating for your space. This was proven time and time again throughout the DIRTT GLC during Connext, but most notably in their custom graphics. Sprinkled throughout the space were unique graphics printed on DIRTT’s newest innovation: Matte WriteAway Tiles. WriteAway in a high gloss finish is already a DIRTT staple because it incorporates writeable surfaces and helps express culture in corporate spaces. WriteAway in matte, however, is a game changer because it offers a whole new look to the already notable solution. Available in 49 standard colors and endless amounts of custom colors and graphics, matte WriteAway also comes with the same 10-year anti-ghosting warranty that we already know and love. DIRTT now allows you to activate your wall surfaces in a whole new way with the never-ending possibilities of matte WriteAway.

DIRTT Matte WriteAway

If you need some “Me Time”

DIRTT’s approach to acoustics may begin with their walls, but their solution goes far beyond the limits of what is offered in conventional constriction. One of the quieter areas in the DIRTT GLC was a space called Me Time. Demonstrating a holistic approach to acoustical management, Me Time illustrated what could be a phone booth, a private office, a wellness room or any space where you need to engage in a private conversation. Incorporating a DIRTT bespoke ceiling in a Thermofoil woodgrain finish not only provided an eye-catching feature but delivered superior acoustics within the space.

Another impressive feature of Me Time was DIRTT’s roll-out of an acoustical barn door. With sound-masking seals on all four sides of the door, you’d hardly know that Amazon’s Alexa was blaring Bruno Mars (with five people inside putting their pinky rings up to the moon) when the door was shut. Acoustics are a crucial component to any space. The DIRTT acoustical solutions incorporated into Me Time went above and beyond the acoustic performance you would expect of any prefabricated construction.


Anywhere You Are

Technology is rapidly changing the way we design and build our spaces. This year at Connext, DIRTT unveiled their newest version of ICEreality—an app that enables you to connect with your project team (located in different cities), all within the same virtual environment. “ICEreality turns the design phase of a construction project into an incredibly powerful, useful and now portable, social experience. From separate physical locations, an architect, designer and client can meet inside a space that doesn’t even exist yet,” said Barrie Loberg, co-founder of DIRTT and developer of ICE software.

With ICEreality, what you see in the virtual environment is what will be manufactured and sent to your jobsite, prefabricated and ready for construction. Not only can you make adjustments while you’re in your virtual space, but all of your changes will be updated in the master file that is used to build your space. ICEreality is groundbreaking technology that changes how you experience and understand design and construction.


Learn more about how DIRTT can revolutionize your space here.