Lessons From the Phone Booth: Becoming President

Hello! I’m Shelly Langona, President of RJE Indiana, coming to you from the Framery O Phone Booth with a blog series about workplace leadership. In this post, I’m sharing some exciting news! 

Shelly Langona

Last week, we were excited to share that I have stepped into a new role as President of RJE Indiana. Becoming President of RJE Indianapolis and RJE Fort Wayne is the most exciting thing to happen in my professional career, but also the most natural. My love, energy, passion and care for our organization has never been higher and I can’t wait to dive into bettering RJE. As I embark on this transition and the fruitful days ahead, I want to share what this means for our business and what I am most looking forward to.

There’s Strength in Numbers

Those who know RJE know that Denny has played an integral role in our recognition within the community. As CEO and Owner, Denny will remain heavily involved in our community and business. However, I’m excited that we will focus more intensely as an Indiana leadership team on our community outreach and involvement. Be ready to see more of Team RJE!

A Fresh Perspective on Focus

As I move into this new role, we are going to take a fresh look on our efficiencies and process to ensure that we are as focused as possible on providing our customers with an exceptional customer experience. As our organization continues to grow, this is imperative to our mission and success.

Embracing Growth

We have been in growth mode since Denny purchased the organization in 2000, but it seems to have accelerated drastically over the last five years. With the recent launch of our sixth location in the Midwest, we are focused heavily on strategic growth and scale for our organization. With aligned market presidents in each of our locations and Denny in position as CEO of the Enterprise, we are look forward to continued improvements and productivity.

Broadening our Brand

As an Enterprise, we strongly believe in living and breathing by our brand. This transition to President will allow me to share our brand in new ways and through different avenues. I hope that my involvement in the community, our organization and my vision for the future will foster more brand recognition for RJE.

Celebrating our Culture

One of the things I am most looking forward to is continuing our fun, energetic culture. I can confidently say that RJE has a culture unlike no other and that is something we are incredibly proud of. I love coming to work everyday and working hard with people I love in a place I love. We have a team of great people who have a passion that aligns with the organization – and that’s exciting!

I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see what the future holds for RJE. Stay tuned to find out!

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