The Best of DIRTT Connext 2019

By Kelsey Venekamp

Hey Gang! Kelsey here to catch you up to speed on yet another great Connext! Every June, DIRTT breaks out the best catering and city views at the Chicago GLC (Green Learning Center for any newbies) and showcases the latest innovations in the world of interior construction. Let me tell you — this year did not disappoint! Read below to learn what resonated most with me and our visitors:

Design to Inspire

One of the newest innovations unveiled at DIRTT Connext was an ultra-slim glass wall fittingly named Inspire. Inspire is the perfect solution for those wanting a delicate approach to glass-front walls while still desiring the non-generational approach that DIRTT’s foundation was built upon. Though Inspire is half as thick as other DIRTT walls, it connects seamlessly into your existing solutions and the height can be adjusted to match just about any variance in flooring. Remarkably slim and very responsive, Inspire measures in at only 2” and will be available for integration into your DIRTT projects later this year.

DIRTT Inspire

Expanded Profiles to Match Your Needs

This year at Connext, DIRTT previewed a new 6” wall that will change the prefabricated construction game. Until now, DIRTT wall solutions have measured in at 4” wide. With the slim Inspire 2” wall on the horizon later this year, DIRTT decided to develop a deeper solution that healthcare clients could pack with functionality. With power, med gases, plumbing and more, healthcare organizations need to pack a lot into very little space… so adding two extra inches to the cavity of the wall goes a long way!

Healthcare isn’t the only place that the 6” wall can be used to its full potential. With embedded technology becoming more and more popular, DIRTT now has the ability to embed larger monitors that previously could not fit within the cavity of the 4” wall. Can you say back-to-back tech integration? 😍😍😍

Turning Over a New Leaf

While not new, one of my favorite solutions on display at the DIRTT GLC was the ever popular Leaf wall. For just over two years now, Leaf has been a total game changer for foldable walls. It’s no secret that DIRTT is all about creating adaptable and flexible environments, so having the ability to open or close when needed is key in staying agile. You know what’s even better? Leaf is far from the plastic curtains used in most accordion style walls because it offers the ability to integrate graphics and double pane glass and can even be retrofitted into existing DIRTT environments to ensure client investments for the future. It’s probably the prettiest looking leaf I’ve ever seen!

Want to incorporate some of these solutions into your new space? Email me here to get the conversation started.