The RJE Leadership Series – Philanthropy Panel Recap

At RJE, a core focus of ours is to provide value every single day to those we work with – vendor partners, clients, community members and more. With Denny celebrating 20 years at the helm of our business next year (!!!), we felt compelled to provide value in a new way that was completely removed from the services we offer and the solutions we sell. With this in mind, we developed the RJE Leadership Series – a new annual panel event in Indianapolis that brings community leaders together to have impactful discussions on the topics that matter most in business.

Given RJE’s deep commitment to generosity in business, it felt only natural that our first panel event focus on philanthropy. Having worked with many non-profit organizations in our community, we asked our closest partners to foster a thoughtful discussion with Indy’s business leaders. Our friends graciously agreed and we were thrilled that our panel included Marianne Glick from Glick Philanthropies, Ann Murtlow from United Way of Central Indiana, Brian Payne of Central Indiana Community Foundation and Danielle Shockey of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. Rounding out our incredible group of speakers was our invaluable moderator, Angela White from Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates.

On June 27, we welcomed 50 of Indianapolis’s top leaders to discuss topics like: inclusivity and equity, the changing philanthropy landscape and how non-profits are leveraging strategic partnerships to accomplish multi-generational goals.

A sincere thank you to our panelists, moderator, and our friends and partners who joined us for an evening of impactful discussion. We look forward to starting the conversation again in 2020 with our next panel event. Stay tuned for more details!

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