10 Lovely Instances of Heartfelt Design

It’s Valentine’s Day (heads up, significant others!), so the RJE showrooms are swimming with bouquets of flowers, conversation hearts and “guess what flavor this one is” boxes of chocolate. It may just be that time of year, but we’re feeling particularly inspired by workplace solution products that have a little romance thrown in. Read below to see our top ten favorite instances of heartfelt design.

1. Knoll Tulip Chair

Roses aren’t for everyone, so take a seat in Knoll’s iconic Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen to daydream about warmer spring days ahead. Does that also make these appropriate for Groundhog’s Day? TBD.

Knoll Tulip

2. Allermuir Venus Chair

Venus is the Roman goddess of love and we have a feeling (you know, given her extreme vanity and what not) that she’d love these stylish namesake chairs from Allermuir.

Allermuir Venus Chair

3. Davis Muse Chair

In the same mythology theme, the cozy design of Davis’s Muse chair is absolutely inspired… (see what we did there?)

Davis Muse

4. Muuto Kink Vase

With its curvy design and, erm, risque name, we have a feeling this Muuto Kink vase would be welcome in any room. (That’s all we can say about it without blushing, okay? Moving along now.)

5. StyleX Adorn Tables

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to adorn your significant other with jewelry, cashmere scarves, and the like. While they’re busy oohing and aahing, kick your feet up on StyleX’s Adorn tables and bask in the satisfaction of a job well done.

StyleX Adorn Tables

6. Framery Q Booth with Meeting Maggie Layout

While we’ve never had a date in Framery’s Meeting Maggie Q booth, there is certainly plenty of room in there for an extremely quiet coffee date (it is acoustically soundproof, after all)! The name also implies you’re meeting that nice girl you grew up with in your hometown, which gives it a cozier vibe, don’t you think?

Framery Q Meeting Maggie

7. OFS Hitch

Modular shelving may not be sexiest item on this list, but nothing screams “commitment” more than hiding your spouse’s college intramural dodgeball trophy behind a stack of books. Hitch-ed, indeed.

8. JSI Wink Chair

A well-executed wink can be very impactful, just like the clever design of the JSI Wink side chair. Use sparingly for a dramatic effect, or frequently for a friendly effect. Your call!

9. Knoll Handkerchief Chair

The gentleman on our list, the Knoll Handkerchief chair is always there when you need it. Similar to a trusty handkerchief, this chair was built for usability. Now if only we could embroider our initials on it…

10. National Whimsy Stools

All relationships need a little dose of whimsy and fun. These clever moveable stools from National make whimsical seating easy in any location. The blush tones also make our Valentine’s Day-loving hearts very happy.

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