Design Inspired By: Favorite Halloween Movies

With everyone staying at home these days, our designers wanted to take some time to celebrate what’s adding a little extra spark to this spooky season: their favorite Halloween movies! In this edition of Design Inspired By, our talented RJE Design Team members created space inspiration palettes based on their favorite Halloween films — all of which are spooky, not scary. Read below to see which of your favorites made the cut! (Hint: Tim Burton is a clear favorite!)

Design Inspired By: Favorite Halloween Movies

Megan J.’s Pick: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Megan Jackson Headshot

I chose “The Nightmare Before Christmas” as my Halloween inspiration because it’s very nostalgic for me. It was one of my favorite movies to watch as a kid and it’s still fun to watch now as an adult. I distinctly remember choosing it to share with my third-grade class when it was my turn to present our favorite movie at the time.

Watching it now through more of a design lens, I honed in on the muted, subdued color palette and whimsical design elements scattered throughout Halloween Town. Examples of this include the tall and lanky form of Jack Skellington, the patchwork-like construction of Sally, and the eclectic variety of structures and settings throughout the movie.

Nightmare Before Christmas Design Palette

(Clockwise from top: Knoll Washington Skeleton Aluminum Side Chair, Architex No Strings Attached, OFS Roo End Table, Muuto Control Table Lamp, Maharam Double Triangles, Source International Scape Private Club Lounge, Knoll Twist Tie)

Ashley’s Pick: Beetlejuice

Ashley Mattes Headshot

I chose Beetlejuice as my movie-themed inspiration! My inspiration photo shows the super contemporary makeover that the home goes through after getting new owners. Black is one of my favorite colors (let’s be honest, I love them all!) so I celebrated the black and white motif that is evident throughout this movie. I would love to have a black and white room in my own home, with pops of really fun colors. I like the mixture of “old” with “new”. 

In terms of product, I chose all the pieces with the movie in mind. The Knoll High Sticking chair has a very skeleton effect. The acoustic tree accessory references the trees in the tiny village that Beetlejuice lives in. The Muuto mirror is not a traditional mirror; it has a grey effect in the glass so I thought that would add a bit an “otherworld mystique” to the room. The black and white rug and wallcovering (which would be on one accent wall), along with the contemporary accessories in greys and pops of color, really tie everything together. 

Beetlejuice Design Palette

(Clockwise from top: N/A, Bernhardt Harper Rocking Chair, Muuto Framed Mirror, Unika Vaev Lovi Acoustic Tree, ArcCom Nirvana Wallcovering, Knoll High Sticking Chair, Muuto Open Candelabra)

Megan R.’s Pick: Hocus Pocus

Megan Rigby Headshot

I chose a few classic furniture pieces to go with the classic film, Hocus Pocus. This playful movie was a staple every Halloween season throughout my childhood. The iconic Sanderson sisters’ wardrobes inspired the colors of the furniture pieces shown. With a hint of modernism, these products represent different scenes of the film.

Hocus Pocus Design Palette

(Clockwise from top: Cabot Wrenn Linley Chair, Muuto The More the Merrier Candlestick, Knoll Riart Rocker, Maharam Wool Check, Cabot Wrenn Arabesque Square End Table, Knoll Risom Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Knoll Saarinen Side Table)

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