A Holiday Letter from Denny Sponsel – 2020

Dear Friends, Partners, Community Members:

Like everyone, 2020 turned out to be much different than any of us anticipated. As I read my holiday letters from 2018 and 2019, I couldn’t believe just how much has transpired within the last year alone and the challenges we’ve faced. With that said, I could not be prouder of how everyone at RJE weathered the storm and kept an eye on the future. With everyone’s effort, we’ve remained financially sound and physically healthy.

Here are some ways our team has been able to persevere and succeed this year:

  • We embraced a flexible work format in mid-July and honored protocols to stay healthy while taking care of our customers.
  • We enhanced the RJE website to allow the market to see us better and continue to have an exceptional digital experience with RJE!
  • We beefed-up our technology access to interface in real-time internally and externally.
  • We delivered on our promises for customers and community partners alike!
  • We commissioned proprietary Midwest-based research to better understand the workplace after COVID-19.
  • We shaped the Enterprise to “survive and thrive.”

There were two significant actions that speak most clearly of all RJE associates:

  • Everyone put trust in leadership to guide us through this event and get us to the other side.
  • Associates accepted personal sacrifices financially and emotionally to protect the greater RJE family.

I am grateful for our customers that have been by our side through this pandemic. Your loyalty and trust are appreciated more than ever.

As we emerge in a more positive state in 2021, we will all be stronger and appreciative of a healthy being.

Best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy 2021.


Denny Sponsel, CEO & Owner

Denny Sponsel
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