The hybrid workplace: Is your organization’s _____________ strong enough for it?

Let’s play a short game of mad libs (remember those?). Fill in the blank with a workplace-related noun: Is your organization’s ______________ strong enough for the flexible work environment?

What came to mind when filling in the blank? From what we are hearing across our customers, that word could range from leadership, company culture, and mentoring to technology, employees’ home office setups, and project management tools. Whatever your workplace noun ended up being, it came to mind for a reason – companies need to move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to implementing a hybrid workplace strategy and move towards a tailored approach to ensure success in this new flexible workplace model, and our Hello Hybrid tool is the solution for just that.

We know what it is, but few are talking about HOW to navigate the hybrid workplace… until now

hybrid workplace

The new workplace model is referred to with various names—hybrid workplace, flexible work arrangements, or splitting time between the office and alternative locations. Regardless of how it’s being referenced, the hybrid workplace model is defined as a combination of working from home and working in an office setting. With 92% of employees surveyed by Smartway 2, a workplace scheduling company, saying they would prefer a hybrid workplace arrangement, research continues to point towards the hybrid model as the workplace model companies will choose when offices reopen on a large scale in a post-pandemic office environment.

RJE partnered with DORIS, a workplace research company, and Elements, a place maker company, to research not just what this new model is, but developed an interactive tool—consisting of a playbook and workshops—to help organizations navigate how they can implement this hybrid work model specifically for their company’s needs, and we call this tool Hello Hybrid.

Developed based on research conducted throughout 2020 with 13 organizations from a diverse set of industries located around North America, the Hello Hybrid tool consists of a series of interactive, instructor-led sessions based on a unique curriculum (what we call our playbook!) that aids companies in understanding their specific workplace needs and equips them with an action plan tailored to successfully transition to a hybrid workplace model. With this tool, teams will walk through interactive sessions, guided by a workplace expert, to identify those pieces unique to your culture and uncover the best workplace solution for your needs. It may be fully hybrid, partially hybrid or a mix tailored to your team’s needs. No one size fits all here!

Let RJE be your guide as you navigate the hybrid workplace

RJE has done the research and developed the Hello Hybrid tool to help your company strategically uncover your company’s specific challenges and tailor the hybrid workplace model to your company’s specific needs. Let us be your guide to your company in strategically uncovering your specific challenges and tailor solutions to your company’s specific hybrid workplace needs… whatever your fill-in-the-blank may be.

Reach out to learn more about how we can partner to build your perfect hybrid workplace mode.

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