DIRTT Breathe Wall

Today, we are proud to work with DIRTT, Knoll and a host of other manufacturers who love to create solutions that reflect our own green values. Here are a few ways we work to protect our planet:

Helping our clients meet their green goals: Whether you’re working toward LEED certification, looking for products that meet SMaRT requirements, or just want an affordable, environmentally-sustainable office, we have the experience and solutions you need.

Recycling furniture: We work hard to keep furniture out of landfills. Most office furniture can be broken down and reused through programs like Knoll’s Full Circle resource recovery program. If you’re ready to retire parts of your office, we’re happy to handle recycling for you.

Protecting resources: We’re pretty fond of natural resources, so we use green products like sustainable carpet and energy-efficient lighting in our offices. However, those lights are just a back-up system, as we’ve incorporated large windows and an open floor plan with low horizons to naturally light our office and conserve energy. We use real coffee cups, plates, and silverware to reduce waste. We recycle glass, aluminum, plastic, paper, cardboard and metal. We’re always looking for new ways to do more with a lesser impact on the environment.

Our partnerships with our core manufacturers are an extension of our eco-friendly philosophy. Since being founded in 2005, DIRTT has led the sustainability movement in the interior construction industry, shattering previous expectations and establishing new guidelines that are now becoming internationally recognized. See the many ways DIRTT paves the path for sustainability.

Knoll was one of the first large manufacturers to embrace sustainable design through the development of stylish, environmentally-friendly furniture. For the last quarter of a century, they’ve defined design industry standards through their commitment to environment and their proactive sustainability strategy. Learn more about Knoll’s commitment to eco-friendly design.