Available Jobs at RJE

Furniture Design Technical Specification Specialist

RJE is looking for a Technical Specification Specialist to join our Design team and support all five Enterprise locations. As a Technical Specification Specialist, your responsibility will be responsible for assisting in strategic and accurate technical specifications, assisting designers in strategic typical development, checking final specs for accuracy, and providing training in new product. This position is remote, but must be regionally based in the Midwest. Potential candidates are NOT required to sit permanently at any of our five locations, but MUST be able to travel to all five locations (Indianapolis, IN, Fort Wayne, IN, Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY and Lexington, KY).

Tasks and responsibilities include:

The Technical Specifications Specialist is responsible for accuracy and growth in Product, Process, and Technology. Each of these areas listed below details specific task that the specialist will complete on a regular basis.

Time Management

  • Effectively prioritizes time to ensure all work is completed
  • Works with design and sales team to ensure spec checks are completed to meet scheduled order dates

Design Process

  • Follows RJE’s design process
  • Assists Design Director in finding efficiencies in current process
  • Trains and enforces design process with furniture team

Product Knowledge

  • Understands different manufacturer’s quirks and tricks to provide the most accurate and cost‐effective solutions
  • Has relationship with different manufacturer’s product managers
  • Provides design team with technical documents regarding specific products

Margin Variance

  • Performs final product quantity, engineering, and finish spec check against validations, typical drawings, and overall drawings.
  • Assists designers with specification questions by scheduling budget spec‐checks
  • Reaches out to manufacturers with specific product questions to ensure accurate specifications

Continuing Education

  • Works with design manager to provide training for new hires and continuing education for all designers
  • Provides feedback on areas for improvement within design department
  • Leads training sessions at all (5) RJE locations
  • Liaison between operations and design to help with best practices


Technical Specification Specialists must be able to demonstrate an expert level of understanding in the areas detailed below:

  • AutoCAD
  •    2020 Technologies
  •       CAP Designer
  •       Worksheet
  •    ADA Regulations
  • Local Building Codes
  • Microsoft Suite
  •    Outlook
  •    PowerPoint
  •    Excel
  •    Word
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Knoll Technical Specification
  • Mentorship Skills
  • Pricing Strategies as they relate to an overall furniture budget

Preferred Experience

  • CORE
  • CET

The responsibilities listed above are a basic overview of potential tasks that could be completed daily. In addition to the listed roles and responsibilities, your individual drive and adherence to RJE Business Interiors Guiding Principles will determine your path success.

Interested in applying? Reach out to Kim Dutkosky at kdutkosky@RJE-bi.com.