Available Jobs at RJE

Senior Designer – Indianapolis

RJE has an opening for a Senior Designer for our Indianapolis office. As a Senior Designer, your responsibility will be to provide design and front-end project management support for large scale projects and specific high-profile customers. The senior designer will work in tandem with the sales person and may even replace the sales person in specific tasks.

Tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Performs standard design tasks
  • Gathers programming information on assigned projects
  • Generates typicals for budgeting
  • Participates in product evaluation and selection
  • Develop furniture floorplan, specifications, and finish form for approvals
  • Provide installation packet
  • Follows spec check process
  • Provides collateral materials for bid or proposal responses
  • Assists with generation of punchlist specifications
  • Provides design fee options and maintains timesheets
  • Replace the sales person on certain predetermined tasks on a per project basis
  • Typical specification with client
  • Client presentations
  • Punch walk-thru
  • Site visits
  • Create project process documents including timelines, calendars, quote forms, etc.
  • Adheres to Design Standards and Company Policies
  • Follows standards established for saving and naming files, drawings, specifying, and other policies and standards
  • Follows company policies and procedures
  • Leads design department when Design Director is out of the office
  • Assigns new projects
  • Delegates tasks
  • Assigns work for interns
  • Helps mentor and train designers
  • Assist with spec training
  • Offer advice and tips on how to deal with certain design challenges
  • Works directly with Design Director to find inefficiencies and process issues
  • Helps create and train staff on new processes
  • Helps set up and maintain AutoCAD tools, page layouts, etc
  • Helps maintain internal RJE design databases


  • Must have a degree in Interior or Architectural Design
  • Must have 3-5 years of experience in furniture/office/space planning
  • Ability to quickly assess customer needs and develop product strategies/solutions
  • Ability to present solutions to customers
  • Dealership or manufacturer experience preferred

Please email Kim Dutkosky at kdutkosky@RJE-bi.com if interested in applying.

Fall Design Intern – Indianapolis

RJE has an opening for a Design Intern at our Indianapolis location. Our design interns spend a minimum of three days a week (no fewer than 12 hours per week) learning about the technical skillset required to work within the workplace solutions industry.

During the internship, the student will:

  • Learn how to specify furniture using AutoCAD and 2020 CAP
  • Learn how to render using Visual Impressions
  • Create bid responses
  • Create technical specification sheets
  • Manage the library
  • Take part in technical training sessions
  • Participate on sales calls
  • Participate in vendor meetings and training sessions

Hours are flexible to accommodate the student’s school schedule. Please email Kim Dutkosky at kdutkosky@RJE-bi.com if interested in applying.