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Knoll Rockwell

Since being founded in 1991, RJE has been proud to play an active role in the Midwest’s thriving design community and provide high-quality workplace solutions and unmatched customer service to clients across the region. Our strong background in the industry ensures that our clients have access to the industry’s leading furniture manufacturers and will benefit from our extensive network through both cost and time savings. As a testament to our strength and position, our core partnership with Knoll – an industry leader in modern workplace design – has flourished for more than 25 years.

Since their founding in 1938, Knoll has used modern design to connect people with their work, their lives and world. Knoll founders, Hans and Florence Knoll, embraced the creative genius at the Cranbrook Academy of Art and the Bauhaus School to create new types of furniture for the workplace. Their approach, where craftsmanship joined with technology through the use of design, anchors our perspective and shapes the values we endeavor to live by today.

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Outside of Knoll, we work with hundreds of highly-regarded manufacturers that can transform the effectiveness of your space through furniture. From workstations to outdoor benches, we have solutions that work together to build the most impactful space imaginable. See a full list of our partners.






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