Knoll at Fulton Market

Every June, the interior design community descends upon Chicago to drink from the NeoCon firehose and absorb all the new solutions shown by manufacturers across the world. This year, however, was a little bit different. Our core partner, Knoll, made a major decision to move their space from the Merchandise Mart (where they had been for 50 years) to embrace an entirely new experience in Chicago’s Fulton Market District.

And let me tell you, it’s paid dividends (pun fully intended for those who know their systems).

Knoll’s new space at 811 Fulton Market illustrates the true nature of a choice-based workplace, empowering individuals to embrace work in whatever setting that enables their success. From intimate focus spaces to open areas for collaborative work, Knoll now has three full floors that showcase the gamut of fluid work styles.

Knoll planned their new space with intentionality, keeping these critical themes in mind:

  • INDIVIDUALS, SMALL GROUPS AND TEAMS – Knoll planned to accommodate the needs of both individuals and groups, no matter their size or focus.
  • NATURAL MATERIALITY – The space was built to include warm woods, soft felt and colorful textiles that inspire and won’t distract.
  • ARCHITECTURAL AND ACOUSTIC HARMONY – Today’s open office environments demand spaces for privacy and quiet. Knoll worked diligently to support acoustic and visual separation to accommodate both private conversations and group collaborations.
  • HOSPITALITY EXPERIENCE – Knoll knows that inviting spaces energize us. Nowhere is that welcoming ambiance more embodied than on the 5th Floor Muuto experience.
  • ENGAGING TECHNOLOGY – Knoll embraced adaptable and ergonomic products to connect people with their physical space, facilitating work and informed decision making.

Not only does the new space reflect Knoll perfectly — the new location does as well. Fulton Market is a thriving, urban neighborhood that perfectly demonstrates the interconnections between work and life. From restaurants and co-working to modern hotels and event spaces, Fulton Market is the perfect home for Knoll Chicago.

Interested in visiting the new Knoll experience in Fulton Market? Contact us here and we will be happy to coordinate.