Workplace Consulting

At RJE, we are more than just a furniture dealer.

We aim to be your trusted advisor and work hand-in-hand with you to pave the path for your most impactful future. How do we do this? We leverage the knowledge and experience gained in our 27 years of business to remedy the challenges you’ve been facing in your current environment. As thought leaders and subject matter experts, we will guide you through crucial decisions like:

  • How to ensure your space is future-proofed for the constantly changing world of technology
  • How you can plan for growth and quickly scale your space to meet staffing needs
  • How to best support employee wellbeing and retention through ergonomics and workplace research
  • How to effectively and efficiently transition your team into a new space
  • And so much more

Throughout our partnership, we will work with you to define your ideal work environment and make it reality.


As part of our dedication to our clients, our full-service solution suite goes beyond that of a furniture dealer. Outside of our innovative interior construction, furniture, technology and acoustical solutions, we also offer workplace design research through our key partner, DORIS.

To further support you during your project, we offer extensive warehousing and move management services, as well as transition and implementation services that will ensure your team starts off on the right foot from Day 1 in your new space. No matter the inquiry or challenge, RJE will work to provide a solution that fits the needs of your organization.

Interested in learning more? We have a team of workplace leaders ready to guide you and your organization through this process. See how we thrive as a partner — contact us here.