Intern Spotlight: Max Williams

With the start of the school year comes the end of summer, and for many businesses the end of summer internships. We had some outstanding summer interns this year, so we wanted to highlight the great work they did, starting with our business development intern Max Williams.

As a current student at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana, Max Williams spent this summer interning at RJE Business Interiors’ Indianapolis office as its Business Development Intern. Throughout his time interning, Max spent time in each department learning the ins and outs of the customer care cycle. He did this through shadowing teams and leaders from across the enterprise – from finance and operations to design and business development.

Studying Systems Analysis and Design as well as 2D Art, Max merged his systems and art background knowledge while at RJE to understand our current processes and ways of conducting business throughout the customer care cycle. With this information, he then reviewed various processes throughout the business and found ways to improve them.

“My internship at RJE has been an excellent case study of how to analyze a system and design process documentation. This was the first time I had the challenge to break down and document a living system, and I loved it! If anything, my time at RJE helped me realize my passion for technical business process analytics and how much I enjoy asking questions and sorting through the answers. If I could do it again I would,” Max reiterated.

In addition to his internship giving him a look into the ins and outs of running and maintaining a business, it gave Max a firsthand look into how to care for customers and a glimpse into what RJE calls its “HUG” philosophy and the culture it creates. From visiting project installations, understanding the customer care cycles, learning how our designers pull together their plans and seeing firsthand a team structure work together, Max had this to say about his summer spent at RJE:

“The highlight of my time here has been the people. Everyone who I shadowed at RJE was open and welcoming to my presence. It was incredible to see the “HUG” culture firsthand not only in how RJE treats their clients, but also their coworkers and office environment.”

Thanks for all your work, Max!

Rapid Fire Questions

Describe yourself in three words.
Analytical. Solutionist. Creative.

Favorite summer activity?
My favorite summer activity is a great dinner and taking a bath after a long day of hiking.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs! I have a two-year-old dog named Luna, and she is my best partner for hikes and adventures.

Spring or Fall?
Fall, because the hikes are a little easier when it is brisk out and also, the leaves are changing colors (plus I love the crunch of the leaves)!

You are a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
I would choose a “moldy orange” color (a soft grey-green with a bright orange undertone), because I like to blend into the world around me to better see what is going on, but underneath there is a bright vibrant mind.

What is your favorite place you have traveled to?
I can’t remember what city it is located in, but it is a place called “Butterfly Fields” by the locals. It was a beautiful overgrown field in the middle of the wood four miles from town and was covered in flowers and butterflies.

Favorite downtown Indy spot?
I don’t spend too much time in downtown Indy, but I always enjoy the canal and museums.

Favorite movie or TV show?
None really come to mind, but I am a fan of “slice of life” style film.

Any personal mantra or words to live by that you follow?
Try it, understand your takeaways (good or bad), then grow from it.

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