Project Spotlight: Galen College of Nursing

High-level clinical labs, a bipolar ionization HVAC system, an advanced simulation hospital – all elements that sound straight out of a high-security science lab doesn’t it? Well you don’t need government-level clearance to experience these amenities, just enrollment at Galen College of Nursing’s recently completed Louisville, Kentucky campus and college administrative headquarters. As one of America’s largest private nursing colleges, Galen College of Nursing’s new state-of-the-art facility will be dedicated solely to nursing education and also home to its administrative staff.

RJE Business Interiors (RJE) partnered with Knoll, BHDP Architecture, and Enwork to outfit the new 130,000-square-foot Louisville, Kentucky facility. With more than 700 nursing students graduating from Galen’s Louisville Campus each year, the new facility showcases 30 private offices, 120 workstations, and more than 45 collaboration areas. The campus will be home to about 1,500 students as well as home to more than 150 administrative employees who work across Galen’s national footprint, providing service to students, faculty, and staff on additional campuses in Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, Texas, and online.

“As the largest educator of nurses in the South and the largest educator of nurses in Kentucky for the past nine years, we now have the area’s most advanced and unique educational facility dedicated solely to nursing” said Mark Vogt, Galen’s Chief Executive Officer.

The state-of-the-art facility is designed to foster learning and support its educational community through a thoughtful blend of advanced classroom and simulation technology, compelling design, and collaborative and creative space.

“Early in the pandemic, we worked with our architects and builders to determine if there were additional safety measures we could take with the physical structure of the building, given where we were in construction,” said Vogt. “Bipolar ionization was integrated into the HVAC system which takes oxygen molecules from the air and converts them into charged ions that break down harmful pathogens in the air, as well as making them more easily caught in filters; the air filters continuously exchange the internal environment with up to 50% clean outside air; and all of the furniture and finishes were selected to be easily cleaned, wipeable surfaces. For additional long-term safety, leading-edge technology turnstiles at the main entrance will not only serve to scan visitor badges, then read temperatures.”

“Our faculty and staff are the most dedicated with whom I’ve ever had the honor to work,” said Vogt. “We are proud to be able to offer this amazing environment for them as well. We have an incredible team in place who puts our students first. This makes a huge difference in our ability to help thousands of people, seeking a rewarding career in nursing, fulfill their potential. Our new campus, along with the people in it, creates a supportive synergy to benefit our students and the learning taking place, on a daily basis.”






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