The More You Know: Installation & Punch

Welcome to the fourth installment of The More You Know – a series where we go step by step through our furniture project process and give full insight into how we transform workspaces around the country. All projects are different — especially those in specialized industries like healthcare or education – but this is a good place to start to better understand what happens behind the scenes at RJE.

We are nearing project completion when we reach this stage, which is often the most exciting stage for our valued clients. Read below to see how furniture installation and punch process works and stay tuned for more!

Step One: Prep for the Job

After the product arrives at our warehouse, it quickly becomes time for installation. There is a lot of prep work that has to be completed before the installation of even a single panel (not that you’d install a single panel, but you catch my drift). Our installation crew receives their job assignments daily and will report to one of our warehouses early in the morning to load the day’s product onto one of our fleet vehicles. Our installation Crew Lead typically arrives earlier than the rest of the crew to review plans, paperwork, ensure we have the proper tools for the day and get the vehicle ready to go.

Once the rest of the crew arrives, it’s time to load the vehicles. This step is crucial in ensuring the success of the project because our installation crew carefully prepares the truck to eliminate potential damage. Our team also strategically places product in our vehicles to make the unload and staging process easier.

Step Two: Arrive Onsite

Before the installation date, our scheduler will work with the client to confirm the start time and where our team should unload the product. This is typically a dock for larger environments, but our primary focus is to ensure we don’t impede any access to the building or the normal flow of business.

The RJE installation team typically arrives before or right at the start of working hours for normal businesses. The Crew Lead will meet the customer’s onsite contact to walk through the space, double-check conditions and take note of any special requirements.

While this occurs, the rest of the team is unloading and staging product. We stage product before installation so we can eliminate any potential path barriers once the actual install begins. The differentiation in product means that every install is different, so our team is constantly evaluating to make sure we maintain the integrity of the space. For example, we’d never bring a skid into an environment where it could damage the carpet, so our crew dedicates time and thought to unboxing properly.

Step Three: Installation

Once the space is properly staged, we’re ready for install! The Crew Lead drives the plan for the day and will assign tasks to the crew members based on skill set or specialty. The Crew Lead will determine which product is installed first, but we will also work with clients if they have special requests for what takes priority in the installation. Our goal is to be as efficient with our time on site as possible, so our crew members will often be installing several different types of products at once.

If we are installing a new product that some crew members haven’t worked with before, the Crew Lead will quickly guide them through the installation process so they can become more comfortable with the product. We consider our Leads subject matter experts, as they have deep product knowledge and can share that with newer team members.

While this is happening, our Crew Lead is also working with data vendors and electricians to ensure the space is properly equipped to match the data and electric needs outlined in the plans. Our team will also coordinate with other crucial vendors — like general contractors — if the project is of substantial size.

Our team will also be removing trash throughout the day so the environment remains as clean as possible.

At the end of each day, our team will clean the site to make sure it’s tidy and then the lead will take photos to inform the Project Manager and Workplace Consultant of progress for the day.

One of our longtime Crew Leads mentioned “hugging” the customer by leaving a wow factor at the end of the first day. “I try to make sure that there is something substantial installed by the end of Day 1, so the customer can see visible progress and get excited about the installation. It’s a wow factor that I like to prioritize on every job.”

Step Four: Close-Out

When the project is near completion and ready for the client, the team will close out the space. The crew will vacuum and clean everything meticulously to ensure the customer’s product shines. They will walk through the environment and make final tweaks to alignment. Finally, they place RJE’s signature M&M hugs on each workstation as a welcome for employees to their new space. Once this is complete, the Crew Lead and Project Manager will do a final walkthrough of the space with the client to make sure everything is damage free and ready for occupation.

Step Five: Punch

At RJE, we aim for a punch-free project every single time. If there are punch issues, our Crew Lead will document and address them immediately. Initially, they’ll contact their PM to see if we can remedy the issue immediately with any available spare product or parts. If that is not possible, the team will send all the crucial information immediately to our Punch Coordinator.

Our Punch Coordinator acts as a strong advocate for both the client and the project when working with manufacturers to expedite delivery on crucial punch items. Once the punch issue has been approved by the manufacturer, our Punch Coordinator will work with the project team and our Service Coordinator to streamline a speedy replacement process. Punch is a priority for RJE, so we will accommodate it in our scheduling, no matter our capacity.

Once the punch (if any) is finalized, the project is complete! Stay tuned for our next installment of The More You Know to learn about how we maintain the lifetime of your investment through our service capabilities!

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