Design Inspired By: Dream Home Offices

Team RJE is in our 10th full week of working remotely, so many of us have spent some time dreaming up our ideal home office. In this edition of Design Inspired By, we asked our talented RJE Design Team members to create spaces based on their dream home offices. Read below to see which of our designers wants a mid-century modern take on the home office, which would fit perfectly in a Nancy Meyers film, and which wants a Millennial pink haven.

Leah’s Dream Home Office

My dream home office is a space that is small but has a lot of personality. Incorporating a lot of earth tones and organic lines keeps the vibe calm, which is something I need when there are fast-paced days! I tend to bounce between areas while working, so having a sofa/soft seating is nice for phone-calls and breaks. Music is important to maintain creativity and focus – so why not have a fun sound system with some 70’s speaker globes?

Leah Dream Home Office

Steph’s Dream Home Office

Natural light feeds my soul, so a home office that is light and bright would be my dream. I tend to have an eclectic personal design style, it’s just too hard to pick!  With neutral tones and the warmth of wood, I could blend my love of all. Wood beamed ceilings, gallery walls, comfy seating, bookshelves, plush area rug, and a large desk would leave me relaxed and inspired. 

Steph Dream Home Office

Niyyinnah’s Dream Home Office

I LOVE nature so I try to include it into every room with the uses of plants and woods and large windows to welcome natural lighting and create a positive energy ambiance. A large bookcase with a rocking chair surrounded by plants would be my escape space for when I am overwhelmed with work or other tasks. Neutral toned leathers, fabrics, and wood finishes with rose gold and silver metals give the office a “softer” industrial/eclectic design that fits perfectly with my personality. I am also creative, so having a height-adjustable desk and a drafting table is important for when I am painting, writing, or creating a craft for ergonomic purposes.


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