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Design Inspired By: Favorite Halloween Movies

With everyone staying at home these days, our designers wanted to take some time to celebrate what’s adding a little extra spark to this spooky season: their favorite Halloween movies! In this edition of Design Inspired By, our talented RJE Design Team members created space inspiration palettes based on their favorite Halloween films — all of which are spooky, not scary. Click here to see which of your favorites made the cut!

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Design Inspired By: Dream Home Offices

Team RJE is in our 10th full week of working remotely, so many of us have spent some time dreaming up our ideal home office. In this edition of Design Inspired By, we asked our talented RJE Design Team members to create spaces based on their dream home offices.

10 Lovely Instances of Heartfelt Design

Valentine’s Day is upon us (heads up, significant others!), so the RJE showrooms are swimming with flowers, conversation hearts and “guess what flavor this one is” boxes of chocolate. It may just be that time of year, but we’re feeling particularly inspired by products with a little romance thrown in. Click here to see our top ten favorite instances of heartfelt design.

Catering to the Individual in Your Workplace

Over the last few years, our industry has been inundated with new trends and data on which workplace concept is the most conducive to productivity. After the “open concept” gained traction, organizations tore down the cubicle walls and created fully open, collaborative environments. This worked well for awhile, until it became very clear that private spaces within a workplace are crucial as well. So what do we do?

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Design Inspired By: Summer Vacation Spots

We are full in the swing of summer and we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t been distracted by the idea of a vacation or two. In this edition of Design Inspired By, we asked three of our talented RJE Design Team members to create spaces based on their dream summer vacation locale.

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The More You Know: Order Placement

After the design process is complete, how does your order get placed? Our trusted team of Sales Coordinators will escort you through the next step with ease. Click here to see what you can expect.

The More You Know: The Design Process

So, you’ve decided to work with RJE! What’s the next step in getting your project off the ground? Design! You’re in capable hands with our talented team of in-house designers. Click here to see what you can expect.

Design Inspired By: Romantic Movies

February 14 has finally arrived and while some may enjoy an evening of fine dining to celebrate, nothing warms our hearts more than a movie night at home. In our new blog series, Design Inspired By, we are asking our talented RJE Design Team to create spaces based on different sources of inspiration. For Valentine’s Day, we asked three of our Indianapolis designers to share designs inspired by their favorite romantic movies.

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10 Spooky Instances of Wicked Good Design

Halloween is creeping round the corner and we at RJE are looking forward to enjoying everything that the season has to offer. We are lucky in the fact that we are immersed in good design every day, but we get especially excited when a product takes a spooky turn. Click here to see our top ten favorite instances of wicked-good design.

Knoll Wellness vs. Wellbeing

Wellness vs. Well-Being in the Workplace

Promoting employee wellness has long been of importance to employers. Healthy employees are more productive, more engaged and keep healthcare costs low for an organization. However, in the ten years that have past since the Great Recession, employees are no longer happy to just have a job — they are looking for more engagement and more fulfillment. Because of this fundamental shift, the focus has shifted from employee wellness to employee well-being. Learn how you can incorporate employee well-being in your workplace design here.