Introducing Our New Brand Slogan

In our 30 years of business, RJE has evolved exceptionally as an organization. We often talk about how we started with 1 email address and how the industry and the company have changed since then.

As we celebrate 20 years of Denny owning the business and 30 years of RJE, we are embracing a new brand slogan that truly defines who we are as an organization.

Spaces that inspire. People who delight.

The first part is pretty easy to break down. We love creating spaces that enable people to do their very best work and inspire companies to create sustainable, successful change for their industries.

Truthfully, the most important part (to you and us) is “People who delight.” At RJE, we look for huggers — people that have an innate desire to do right by our customers in every single interaction, those who find joy in a job well done. Our people are what make us unique, and we are excited to celebrate them — and our culture for hugging our customers — in this new slogan.

To celebrate, we are giving away 3 Knoll Generation Chairs on our Instagram (@RJEinteriors). Head over to our profile to learn more!


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