The More You Know: Service

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of The More You Know – a series where we go step by step through our furniture project process and give full insight into how we transform workspaces around the country. All projects are different — especially those in specialized industries like healthcare or education – but this is a good place to start to better understand what happens behind the scenes at RJE.

Our job is not done when a project is completed. As a true partner to our clients, it’s important to us that we help our clients maintain the quality of their investment for as long as possible. Read below to see how our post-project service keeps our customers happy.

Step One: Field Client Inquiry

After installation and punch are complete, we work with our clients to support them and their solution throughout our partnership. Once a service issue pops up, we are ready to help. A service issue can be anything from a broken chair caster to a height-adjustable table reset. Once an issue arises, the client will reach out to their consultant or directly to our Service Team. Our Service Team requires certain information to process an inquiry, so we typically ask for the following right off the bat:

  • A photo of the entire product (i.e. the whole chair)
  • A photo of the product label
  • A photo of the damage

If a client needs assistance with this process, RJE is happy to send one of our service technicians to the location and they’ll assess the issue onsite.

Step Two: Liaise with Manufacturers

After we get all of the information we need, our Service Team will engage our manufacturers to submit the claim through their warranty process. RJE proudly partners with manufacturers with extensive product warranties so our clients are supported as much as possible. Dependent on the manufacturer, this submittal could be entirely online or require working directly with their service teams. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of business days to reach a consensus about the warranty outcome.

Step Three: Schedule Repair

Once the claim has been decided, RJE will work with the manufacturers to expedite replacement parts for the client. RJE maintains stock of standard replacement materials (like cylinders, arm pads, casters, drawer glides, etc.) so our clients do not have to wait for minor replacements to be made. For larger repairs, we can count on the manufacturer to send materials as soon a possible — usually within 3 – 5 business days.

After that, we work with our Logistics Manager to add the service visit to our calendar. We will work with the client to ensure the product(s) in need of repair are easily accessible. Our technicians are also happy to assess any similar product onsite at that time to make sure they’re up to snuff.

Step Four: Establish a Service Partnership

Once the repair is complete, the client is good to go! However, we do maintain ongoing service partnerships with many clients to assess product quality on a regular basis. We will often allocate certain days per week or month for those clients and will be on-site to service any product or answer any questions the client may have.

Depending on the quantity of product, our Service Team will establish an inventory system for the client so we can easily track what has been serviced and what needs service in the future. We will also visit any satellite offices to assess product that isn’t mobile. Finally, we are happy to transfer products between sites to support our clients and their immediate needs.

Want to grow your service relationship with RJE? Connect with us here. 

And that’s a wrap on The More You Know! Have questions on our process? Reach out to your workplace consultant for a deep-dive.

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