12 Products We Are Thankful For In 2018

In the spirit of the season, we asked RJE’s Design Team members: “What products do you love to use in projects? Which ones are you most thankful for?” To no surprise, their answers were as varied as their individual aesthetics! Scroll down to see which products made the list.

1. Rockwell Unscripted by Knoll

“The Rockwell Unscripted collection offers great ancillary pieces – especially the Library Tables, which are beautiful and on trend right now.” – Kim Dutkosky, Design Director

“I love that the Rockwell Unscripted collection speaks to more of the resi-mercial trend that we are seeing in the market. It’s also a great collection to be able to have fun and experiment with finishes.” – Sarah Brunner, Design Director

Knoll Rockwell Unscripted

2. DIRTT Timber

“Very rarely do we get to design with Timber, but when we do, we really get to push the boundaries of our creativity. There is no set Timber design, so it is completely up to our imagination. As a designer, it truly lets me be 100% creative without any limitations.” – Amber Gortney, DIRTT Designer

3. Muuto Outline Sofa

“I like the clean lines of the Muuto Outline sofa’s design. It has the residential feel that so many of our customers are looking for. Muuto also has a beautiful Cognac leather that is very popular right now.” – Lynsey Gregg, Senior Designer

4. Muuto Nerd Stool

“I love the detail of the intersecting planes of the seat and the back on Muuto’s Nerd Stool. When several are lined up in a row, you can really see the strong horizontal line of the seat intersecting on the back.” – Lauren Donges, Designer

5. Paul Brayton Ellary Chair

“I love the Ellary highback lounge chair. When paired with the wood base and used in a lobby setting, it gives off the residential vibe that our clients want their guests to feel and enjoy.” – Devyn Hage, Designer

6. Knoll Anchor

“I am thankful for the Knoll Anchor line because it can be combined with so many other products and interspersed throughout an office to create a more cohesive design with repeated elements, even when the spaces within an office vary greatly in use.” – Genna Vu, Designer

7. Knoll k.stand Height Adjustable Table

“The k.stand height adjustable table is a really easy and cost-effective way to upgrade workstations and improve productivity in the workspace. Customers tend to think that height-adjustable desks are only for new offices with a Google-style budget until they see the k.stand price!” – Leah Kundel, Designer

8. JSI Indie

“JSI’s Indie collection is b-e-a-utiful, comfortable and so easily specified. It even has a rocking chair and a lamp!” – Ashley Mattes, Designer

9. Knoll Saarinen Table

“I am thankful for Knoll’s Saarinen tables for so many reasons. They come in multiple sizes and finishes, so they can range from a more affordable solution to a luxury splurge. Aesthetically, they are beautiful and I love their history. These tables are a classic that can fit into almost any project!” – Olivia Sexson, Designer

10. Knoll Spark Chair

“I love using the Spark chair. It’s a very versatile seating option and comes in upholstered, non-upholstered, 4-leg side or sled base lounge. You can really punch up a space with the playful colors or bring a subtle sophistication through the neutrals. The best feature of the chair is that is can also be used outdoors!” – Stephanie Crohan, Designer

11. Knoll Remix Seating Family

“I love the versatility of Knoll’s Remix line. The side chair is a great add for playful, collaborative environments, while the high back task chair can really dress up a conference room.” – Katie Pitts, Designer

Knoll Remix

12. Knoll Generation Task Chair

“I’m thankful for Knoll’s Generation Chair because it looks great no matter which space its in. The flex back net is unique and comes in a wide variety of colors, making it very easy to incorporate into client color schemes. The best aspect of the chair is definitely the ergonomic features and overall comfort.” – Krista Jones, Designer

Generation . Chair
horizontal blocks

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