10 Spooky Instances of Wicked Good Design

Halloween is creeping round the corner and we at RJE are looking forward to enjoying everything that the season has to offer. We are lucky in the fact that we are immersed in good design every day, but we get especially excited when a product takes a spooky turn. Read below to see our top ten favorite instances of wicked-good design.

1. Knoll Washington Skeleton Chair

Designed by famed architect David Adjaye for Knoll in 2013, the stunning Washington Skeleton Chair is both a showstopper and the perfect resting place for any old bag of bones.

Knoll Washington Skeleton Chair

2. Allermuir Jinx

Allermuir’s organically-shaped Jinx line is the perfect landing spot if you get caught by any wayward spells.

Allermuir Jinx

3. Enwork Stealth

The Enwork Stealth is a conference table so sophisticated and so sleek that you won’t even notice it’s there…

Enwork Stealth

4. Nienkamper Spirit

Just like any standard ghostly apparition, Nienkamper’s Spirit table make a quiet, but impactful statement.

Neinkamper Spirit

5. ERG Burton

While the name Burton may not send a chill down your spine, this lounge seating from ERG International could quite possibly be named after famed director Tim Burton, known for spooky films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and the new Willy Wonka that haunted your dreams for weeks.

ERG Burton

(Disclaimer: We have no idea if the Burton is named after Tim — in fact, we’re fairly certain it probably isn’t.)

6. Prismatique Blade

Prismatique’s Blade conference table is sharp and shiny, just like your favorite weapon. Wait…you don’t have a favorite weapon?

Prismatique Blade

7. Allermuir Casper

Everyone’s favorite friendly ghost would love to sit for a spell on these equally friendly Allermuir Casper stools.

Allermuir Casper

8. ERG Raven

ERG International’s Raven lounge seating is the perfect perch to reread the only piece of literature that gave you nightmares in high school English class. Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

ERG International Raven

9. Boss Design Magic

With its charmed base and vibrant color offering, Boss Design’s Magic stools leave everyone bewitched.

Boss Design Magic

10. Davis Webb

With its professional look and iconic weave back, you may not even mind being lost in the woven clutches of the Davis Webb executive chair.

Davis Webb

Want to see some of this wicked good design in your space? Contact us here and we’ll pop over for a spell to discuss your design vision.

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