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10 Lovely Instances of Heartfelt Design

Valentine’s Day is upon us (heads up, significant others!), so the RJE showrooms are swimming with flowers, conversation hearts and “guess what flavor this one is” boxes of chocolate. It may just be that time of year, but we’re feeling particularly inspired by products with a little romance thrown in. Click here to see our top ten favorite instances of heartfelt design.

Prismatique Blade

10 Spooky Instances of Wicked Good Design

Halloween is creeping round the corner and we at RJE are looking forward to enjoying everything that the season has to offer. We are lucky in the fact that we are immersed in good design every day, but we get especially excited when a product takes a spooky turn. Click here to see our top ten favorite instances of wicked-good design.

RJE Cincinnati Showroom Refresh

At RJE, we aim to make every nook and cranny in a space work to benefit the needs of our clients’ employees and guests. Every so often we have to take a step back and apply that same mindset to our own showrooms. Most recently, our Cincinnati team embarked on a showroom refresh so that our team members could make better use of their space and showcase the latest and greatest in workplace solutions. We spoke with RJE Cincy’s Design Director Sarah Brunner to get the scoop on what changes were made and how it has benefited the team.