People Who Delight: Spotlight on Nancy Wright

If you are part of the A+D community in Indianapolis, the chances are high that you’ve met and/or worked with Nancy Wright. Tasked with wearing many hats, Nancy is driven by people and wants to make sure every project is perfect.

Get to know more about Nancy below!

Name: Nancy Wright

Current Role: A+D Outreach, Workplace Consultant, and Showroom Overseer

RJE Location: Indianapolis, IN

How long have you been with RJE?  9 years+

What led you to RJE?

I spent almost 15 years with Knoll and worked alongside RJE as we grew the brand. When the opportunity arose – I jumped at the chance!

What has been your favorite project so far?

I am going to answer this with an A+D Spin – my favorite new event we hosted was The Great Cake Off!

What is your favorite thing about working at RJE?

It is a group of like-minded people who bond together to take care of our customers. I love everything about that!

Describe RJE in three words

Passionate / Innovative / FUN

What does hugging your customer mean to you?

Thinking outside the box to deliver a positive project experience!

What does an inspiring space include in your eyes?

Great coffee, sparkling water, well designed spaces with lots of natural light

What can customers expect from working with you?

Passion for their project and chocolate in some form or fashion

Why are you excited about the Allsteel partnership?

LOVE their partnership attitude and continuous release of new product solutions!

What is your current favorite product from Allsteel and its portfolio of brands?

Hard to pick, but currently love the Vicinity Rocker

Describe yourself in three words or phrases

Multi-tasker, fast talker, coffee lover

You are a new addition to a crayon box, what color would you be and why?

Sunny Day (version of Yellow) – I always try to be happy and have a positive attitude

What emoji do you use the most?

Laughing face 😂 or upside-down smile 🙃

Favorite way to spend your free time

Exploring coffee shops and boutiques in small towns

Cats or Dogs?

100% dogs

Favorite place you have ever been

Cinque Terre, Italy

Favorite downtown Indy spot

45 Degrees for Sushi or Decorate boutique

Favorite movie or tv show at the moment

Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix

Any personal mantra or words to live by that you follow?

I love quotes – lately my fav is: Do more of what makes you happy 😊

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