Project Spotlight: Rodem

Family owned company Rodem (Harrison, OH), recognized as a top choice for all sanitary processing pump needs, decided it was time to move to a new facility that combined their warehouse and office space under one roof. After being in their current space for an extended period of time, Rodem leadership wanted to ensure that their new design and spaces functioned properly and built morale for the team.

RJE (Cincinnati) was recommended for the job by Rodem’s current architecture partner. Not having done any furniture remodel or purchases in years, having a trusted guide/partner to help through the process and keep their needs at the top of mind was key for this experience.

To determine what would work best for the team and space, the RJE team met with specific departments and asked numerous questions to better understand how they used and worked in their current locations. With this information in hand, Rodem leadership was able to make educated choices to benefit the business overall.

For this project, the RJE team focused on collaborative areas that met function and form needs, layering in different aesthetics throughout the space. Senior Designer Genna Vu was able to use her creativity and skillset to align colors and fabrics with Rodem’s branding and culture. The highlight of this project is the lobby – it creates a warm and inviting location, which speaks to the rich family history of the company.

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