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Design Inspired By: Warm Weather, Relaxing Space, and the Modern Workplace

As we embrace warmer weather and the era of flexible workplaces, our team wanted to capture these moments as they blossom. In this edition of Design Inspired By, our designers introduce a refreshing lineup of furniture, textures, and color schemes. From spring-inspired palettes to intriguing selections blending comfortable with contemporary, you’ll find plenty of inspiration…

spacious room with blue wall

Redefining the Office Space: How Companies Can Reshape for a Modern Workforce

While the office looks a lot different these days (a kitchen table with children or pets vying for attention) it’s still a permanent fixture of how we work. We might not have a crystal ball to see what the future of collaboration will look like, but we do have a wealth of insights from our…

New Research: What Lies Ahead for the Future of Work After Covid-19?

Uncertainty is the only certain thing in 2020. Where will people work in the future? Do we need our existing space? Is it really possible to be as impactful at home as it is in the office? As you can imagine, with us being in the workplace business, these questions matter to us. We decided to take matters into our own hands and find answers.